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“Best in Show” in Special Olympics Truck Convoy in Troy, IL

This past weekend, we had 4 drivers participate in the convoy. 

Mitzi had the privilege of attending the event with the drivers and wanted to share how proud she was to watch them give their hearts away to the kids.  Three kids rode in our trucks during the convoy.  They were super excited to ride in a big truck.

We ended up with the “Best of Show” award for the event and received a plaque for our gold sponsorship!

Kent Graff, Nathan Manley, Charles Noll and James Quaid, thank you for your work on the road and in the convoy. 

Recognition from EPA SmartWay Program

McLeod received recognition from the EPA SmartWay program for our Top Tier performance in CO2 management.  Nice work team!

Mcleod Express Road Fleet Driver Pay for 2015

Effective in February, Mcleod increased mileage pay for OTR drivers in fleets 01 & 21.  New scales reflect the following:

Short haul (Division 21) – $0.46 per mile

Long haul (Division 01) – $0.46 per mile

Traditional (Division 26) – $0.50 per mile

In addition, each fleet participates in the Performance Bonus program which pays up to $0.04 per mile additional compensation based on Safety and Service performance.  Click here to apply!

More New Equipment:

McLeod announces plans to add additional new equipment in 2015 with the purchase of 40 more Freightliner sleeper units and an additional order of 100 Wabash vans. As with last year’s order,  the new model year 2016 trucks will come equipped with the On-Guard Collision avoidance system, APU’s and other features to facilitate driver comfort and safety.  We will also continue testing additional new automatic transmission tractors as well.   The new vans will replace older equipment and be equipped with tire inflation systems and CARB complaint air fairings to enhance our fleet MPG’s.  Future equipment purchases are planned for later this year as well and we look forward to updating you soon.