Teamwork makes the Dream Work


March Madness is right around the corner! Even if you aren’t a sports fan, there are many things you can enjoy this time of year. Daylight Savings Time gives us later daylight to enjoy and the first day of Spring truly signals that warmer weather and longer days are at our doorstep. Easter is in March this year and that is always a fun weekend of celebration, too. As you probably know, we are very loyal and faithful University of Illinois supporters. The Fighting Illini basketball team is poised for a great tournament appearance this year. They really have been fun to watch and are a great team this year. Have you seen the Fighting Illini trailer in our lot? Did you know that McLeod Express gets to transport all the football equipment to their away games?

Like any good basketball team, a great business has to have good teammates as well. McLeod Express is fortunate to have some very long serving employees that know their role well and execute it flawlessly. We appreciate you and hope that you know that. There are also many teammates that haven’t been here as long but still do a good job. It is up to all of us to hold each other accountable, help each other as needed, and keep Team McLeod winning for years to come. There so many tasks that a trucking company has to stay on top of. Moving freight is only one piece of the puzzle and there are a couple things that we need your help with.

We are still trying to finish the transition from I-PASS to Best Pass for a better toll management system. If you still have the transponder for I-PASS, please check with your DM or the shop to see which location has your transponder. It will only take a minute to swap transponders. This only applies to over the road and Central Indiana dedicated. It has also become apparent that there are quite a few permit books or IFTA stickers that need to be updated. This will only take a minute also, but it’s hard to do unless you stop by a shop and hand them your permit book.

Those that have been here a while will remember the Fast Lane at the Decatur terminal. This was designed years ago to allow more trucks to get inspected more often by someone other than the DOT. It’s called the Fast Lane because it’s just that, a fast inspection lane so we can take a quick look at tires, lights, airlines, and a couple things so no one gets written up for something easily avoidable. The Fast Lane took a backseat a few years ago for staffing issues and then never got back going again. After many driver suggestions and more frequent DOT write ups, we have opened the Fast Lane again! This is only in Decatur. Please use it as often as possible when passing through. The Fast Lane is open Monday-Friday 6a-4p. Thank you again for being on our team. We have one of the best in the game! Have a great week.