Our Values


At McLeod Express, our way of doing business is shaped by remembering our family values. Our drivers and support staff have families depending on them to make it home safely. Across the Midwest, our clients and their customers also have families of their own, and those businesses depend on reliable transportation and logistics. The founder and current president of McLeod Express are father and son, but the company values extend far beyond the McLeod’s. Here are a few of the ways that our family values affect the whole team at McLeod Express:

Family Owned

The McLeod Family has come from a long lineage of hard work, dedication, and a hunger for success! Mark’s dad, Jim, took over the family farm at a very young age, when his own father passed away unexpectedly. Mark McLeod started his adventure into trucking over 35 years ago with one truck that he drove himself and continued to build the business one truck at a time. The family continues to farm today. The homestead farm is in Assumption, IL and was used as the main trucking office, until we built a new terminal in Decatur, IL in 2003.

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Family Focused

For generations, Jim’s childhood farmhouse has hosted many gatherings where family members have shared meals and kinship around the table.  It is this upbringing that has led to such a deep affection and appreciation for what family really means. That is why excellent health care, along with other essential benefits and a great pay package, are so important to our organization. It is our way of proving to our employees that we understand family and want to contribute to our employee’s success and their family’s needs. Our frequent highlights include barbeques with the famous tailgate wagon, Driver Appreciation Days, Special Olympics Convoys, the Teens, Trucks, and Traffic program we host, are just a few examples of what we do to bring our employees and their families together. We also realize that without a strong support system at home, it is a much tougher job out there. Families are essential!

Family Driven

Bottom line, we would not have a business without the safe & professional drivers who are on our team! Period! Drivers pay our non-driving staff salaries, and our customers pay the driver wages. We rely on our drivers to deliver our customer’s products safely and on time, and our drivers can rely on their paycheck being there each and ever week, along with the benefits and perks that come with our pay packages. We do not take our drivers for granted and have a true open-door policy. It takes our drivers working safely to provide the best service possible for our success. We are privileged that these drivers choose to make McLeod Express their home.


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