Trucking can be Scary


It’s that time of year again for the tricks and the treats. The scary movies and the creative foods. Costumes and decorations. We love it all! This truck is called the Mad Max truck and actually preceded the latest installment of Fury Road. Believe it or not, this is a working fuel hauler in Russia and has been driving the roads of northern Asia for ten years now. Imagine the feeling you would get if this thing pulled up next to you at the fuel island.

This truck isn’t the only scary thing in transportation these days. The odds continue to be stacked against trucking companies to be successful right now. The United States has seen a record number of trucking companies shut down is 2023 due to low rates and high costs. It seems like there is an article about a trucking company closing its doors every month. It is not limited to small owner operators but also large logistics companies like Conway and Yellow. No one is safe unless they operate a sound business.

Luckily for McLeod, we do just that. We are diversified with many customers in the Midwest as well as nationwide. We have jobs for van drivers, flatbed jobs, tanker jobs, local trucking, and otr drivers.  While some divisions may be struggling, others are better than ever. and we hope that 2024 brings success to all of our fellow truck drivers and trucking companies. But to be honest, we are not optimistic that 2024 is much better than 2023. We will continue to streamline our operations and bid on freight packages as aggressive as ever. McLeod is 350 trucks strong and a staple in Midwest transportation.