Spring Has Sprung


Did you get to see the eclipse? Wow, what a sight! Hopefully, most of you were able to avoid the congested interstates for a few hours after totality. I am sure some of you got stuck in it though. I have heard some horror stories. I am not much of a conspiracy theorist, but this event ranks up there with New Year’s Eve 1999 or Doomsday 2012. When the sun came back out, it was great to see the world just keep on going like nothing amazing just happened.

With the Spring equinox and then the eclipse, it just feels like a good time for growth. There are a lot of things starting to move and shake in transportation this time of year. Our end dump division went from a snail crawl to being shot out of a cannon almost overnight. Building projects and road construction are suddenly in full swing, which we love to see. If you know of anyone that you think would like to pull end dump, please tell them to give the Recruiting department a call. Referring a driver to McLeod will get you a $2,000 referral bonus!

We have been awarded several new lanes for our over the road drivers. We do not plan to extend our operating area beyond what it currently is, but we are always looking for more lanes and better lanes within our area of expertise. These new lanes will help minimize deadhead in a few areas and also save you some traffic headaches by keeping you on the outskirts of a major city instead of having to go right through it.

We also renewed a local contract and working on increasing our tanker business. There is no shortage of freight hauling opportunities, but finding the right ones that work for McLeod Express is the hard part. There are a few qualifying and disqualifying factors that go into our vetting process for new customers. If we don’t feel like something is a good fit, then we will let it be another carrier’s headache. Running our business as smooth and efficient as possible is more important than making a couple extra bucks with a horrible shipper. There will always be room for improvement in this very inefficient transportation industry, but we do our best and always strive for better.

Thank you again for being on our team. We have one of the best in the game! Have a great week.