Driver Appreciation Week!!!



The official driver appreciation week is over but that’s no reason to stop showing appreciation to the men and women who keep this country running. Whether its end dump, hopper, van, flatbed, or tanker, everyone owes truck drivers a debt of gratitude. Without the long hours they put in delivering goods, we would not have half of the luxuries that we know today.

We saw quite a few people during our Driver Appreciation Cookouts at Decatur, Springfield, and Lafayette a couple weeks ago. Over half of all drivers were able to take home a special prize ranging from TV’s to sunglasses. It was a little harder to see our over the road driving professionals than it was our central Illinois local and central Indiana home daily fleet. Hopefully everyone knows they are appreciated. I love how the trucking industry has embraced a week of loving on drivers, but we think every week should be Driver Appreciation Week.