Watch Out For Fallen Freight!


Though opening your trailer doors may seem like an easy task, it is still one task you need to take extreme caution with. Freight will often shift during transit and could very easily fall out onto an unsuspecting driver. Next time you go to open your trailer, keep these tips in mind…

  • If possible, be involved in the loading process and ask the shipper to secure the load at the rear of the trailer. Confirm yourself the shipper secured the load, if they didn’t make sure to get it secured before leaving the shipper.
  •  When opening the doors, slowly open one door at a time and keep a trailer door between yourself and the freight in case it comes tumbling out. Be ready to jump further out of the way in case the load does fall. Never try to stop the freight from falling and risk getting injured.
  • Once you have the latch partially released, try pushing on the door to see if you can move it a ½ inch or so. If the door will not move, chances are the freight has shifted and is pressing against the door. If you have any question of the freight tumbling out you should request the assistance of a forklift.
  • Once you have the first door open, peek at the other side to see if freight on that side that has any chance of falling out.

Remember – YOUR safety is most important when opening trailer doors, always be observant and never take chances.

Safety First – Safety Always