Packing for Pets in the Truck!


Are you taking advantage of the new pet policy at McLeod Express? Make sure you have the right gear to take care of your dog while driving regional and/or OTR.

Vaccination Records – You’ll need the right paperwork and meds from your veterinarian.

Extra Food and Water – As important as emergency supplies for yourself, it can be harder to find the right petfood in smaller towns.

Leashes, Harness and Pet Carrier – Pets need to be secured for their own safety. Our pet policy requires carriers and other gear.

Identifying Information – Microchips and collars should have your current contact info. Make sure you keep recent pictures of your pet on your phone, in case they get lost.

Curious about the new McLeod Express pet policy? With the right paperwork, pet carrier, and harnesses, OTR and Regional drivers can have one dog that weighs less than 40 pounds. Contact the office for other details and conditions.,stress%20and%20get%20more%20exercise.

Pet Policy Overview: