Keeping all motorists safe on the roads through winter months!


Let’s share this list and remind everyone to do their part to keep roads safe. Truck drivers have to be alert and cautious, but other motorists should also be aware of these tips for safe driving this winter:

1) Remove Ice and Snow – Don’t rely on highway speeds to blow the snow off your roof, since it can cause problems for vehicles behind you.

2) Slow Down in Winter – Black ice and slippery conditions can lead to accidents. Even if you can stop quickly, the vehicle behind you may need more time.

3) Be Aware of Tuck Blind Spots – Pass on the left, where truck drivers have a better view and smaller blind spots. With all the holiday shopping, you can expect a lot of trucks on the road.

4) Don’t Cut in Front of Large Trucks – Get into the appropriate lane before it’s time for your exit. Large trucks cannot stop as quickly as smaller vehicles, and it’s dangerous to cut in front of them.

Here’s a full list of 12 tips from truckers, reminders for safe driving in the holidays: