Helpful Items to Keep in Your Truck!


  1. Duck Tape. Buy a good quality brand from a hardware store. Worth its weight in gold!
  2. Can of de-icer.
  3. An old hand towel or half a bath towel.
  4. A sheet of clear tough polyethylene, saved from some packaging perhaps.
  5. Plastic cable ties of carious sizes. 6 small, medium and large.
  6. Small aerosol can of WD40.
  7. A warm wool or similar blanket. trheow at leadst 6ftx6ft. (Can double up as a picnic or beach blanket!)
  8. Can of emergency tire repair.
  9. Sheet of strong clear plastic 3×4 foot.
  10. A jack, wheel brace and most importantly the special key for security wheel nuts if you have locking nuts on your wheels. Keep this taped somewhere secure and visible!
  11. Disposable gloves. Grab some plastic ones from the gas station diesel pump.
  12. A box cutter with at lease one new spare.
  13. Mylar Space Blanket. Reflects your body heat back towards you.