Dash Trash – A Funny Poem for a Serious Problem


Dash Trash is one of the bad habits that can become a big safety hazard, sliding around and obstructing your view, making it harder for vents to keep the windshield clear. Trevor Hardwick wrote a funny poem about this serious problem.

“My current dash is out of room, for all the things it stores,
I try to climb out of my truck, and stuff falls out the doors.
And if you were to ask me, about all the things it’s got,
I’ll tell you, though it’s easier, to list the things there’s not.”

“I move some things around sometimes, but clutter still remains,
My heater vents can’t do their job, to clear the fog and rain.”

Read the whole poem here: https://www.tenfourmagazine.com/PIM/2010/12.html