Are You Refueling Safely?


Despite all the warning stickers, it’s worth remembering the tips for safely refueling your truck or personal vehicle.

1) Turn off the engine and stand by the tank during fueling. Nobody wants an overflow spill because they were distracted doing a walk-around.

2) Don’t smoke at the pump or refuel nearby someone who is smoking. The flammability of diesel fuel has been laughably exaggerated in movies, but you can’t verify the absence of gas fumes and other remote but real possibilities.

3) Don’t overfill the tank. Trying to squeeze in a few extra miles, we’ve all seen folks who “top off” all the way. Your fuel needs room to expand, especially on hot days.

4) Don’t re-enter the cab during fueling. The warm seat is particularly tempting in winter, but cold, dry air creates extra static buildup when you scoot back into your seat. When you get back out of the truck, the tick of electricity from your fingers to the pump handle isn’t much different from a spark plug or the push-button starter on your BBQ grill.

Again, we’re not reinforcing the Hollywood confusion between gas and diesel, but the point is that it’s better to follow best practices for safety. If you get into the habit of taking shortcuts, you may not be alert at the times when those choices make a life-or-death difference.