Summer Months = Construction Zones


It’s that time of year again! Please remember to reduce your speed and keep safe following distance so you are prepared for the unexpected in construction zones! The use of cell phones is prohibited in construction zones, even when you are using them hands-free. Remain alert and scan the area for potential hazards and adjust accordingly. Some states use unmanned cameras to enforce construction and school speed zones. Remain alert and do not allow distractions to take your focus. As you enter work zones, the lane shifts and uneven surfaces might surprise the less experienced drivers around you. Stay aware of your surroundings, including construction signs and unpredictable motorists nearby. Instead of waiting until the last second, make sure to merge early and safely where lane closures are posted. Even if others are speeding, don’t impede traffic alongside another CMV. Instead of controlling traffic flow, this tends to provoke road rage and unsafe decisions on the part of other motorists. You’re the professional, so remember to be kind and courteous, especially in construction zones. According to the NHTSA, 31% of fatal crashes in work zones involved at least one large vehicle. The goal, always, is for everyone to arrive home alive: Including YOU, the other motorists around you, and the construction workers who repair our nation’s highways.