Welcome to the Family October Drivers!


We are proud to announce this month’s new drivers that will be joining the McLeod Express Family!
Austin F. – Lafayette Fleet
Cleopatra R. – Decatur Fleet
Dustin P. – Lebanon Fleet
Jeffrey C. – Decatur Fleet
Scotty Y. – OTR Fleet
Cory S. – Lafayette Fleet
Jessica J. – Dayton Fleet
Maud L. – ADM Columbus Fleet
Curtis R. – Regional Fleet
Michael W. – Decatur City Fleet
Perry L. – Dump Fleet
Ryan S. – Regional Fleet
Nick P. – OTR Fleet
Billy S. – Decatur City Fleet
Gregory W. – CAT Fleet
Thomas B. – Lebanon Fleet
Dale S. – Dump Fleet
Phillip P. – ADM Columbus Fleet
Rick S. – Lafayette Fleet
Jodiann T. – Lafayette Fleet
We are so excited to have you here…Welcome to the Family!