Welcome to the Family May Drivers!


We are proud to announce this week’s new drivers that will be joining the McLeod Express Family!
Benjamin F. – Lafayette Fleet
Lyle H. – Regional Fleet
Mario C. – Regional Fleet
Russell E. – OTR Fleet
Shannon S. – OTR Fleet
Steven S. – Regional Fleet
Timothy P. – Decatur Fleet
Jeffrey W. – Lebanon Fleet
Jeremy C. – Dump Fleet
Jimmy P. – OTR Fleet
Martha G. – CAT Fleet
Nicholas T. – CAT Fleet
Adam C. – CAT Fleet
Zamani W. – Decatur City Fleet
Geralad W. – Regional Fleet
Leroy W. – OTR Fleet
Stephanie J. – Dump Fleet
Timothy F. – Lebanon Fleet
Chris H. – OTR Fleet
Andrew C. – Dump Fleet
Deng C. – OTR Fleet
Howard H. – Regional Fleet
Irvin C. – Dayton Fleet
Latrice B. – Dump Fleet
Miguel M. – Sand/Lime Fleet
We are so excited to have you here…Welcome to the Family!