Teens, Trucks, & Traffic


“Teens,Trucks, & Traffic” is a program that further educates teen drivers on traffic safety. The program not only reinforces what teens already learn in driver’s education class, but also educates teens about the NO-Zone areas around a commercial motor vehicle and brings about a hands-on experience regarding traffic safety that students will never forget!

Mitzi Hartman, VP of Safety, was instrumental in getting this program off the ground in the Decatur area in 2016.  The first event was held at our Decatur terminal, but by year two, the program had to be moved to a bigger venue that could provide enough space for the number of schools and number of students who were signed up to attend.

Through this program, McLeod Express has educated over 2500 students in the first 4 years.  Unfortunately, the past two have been postponed due to Covid restrictions.  When restrictions lift and it is safe to gather in groups again, we will get back to our scheduled annual events.

McLeod Express is a proud member of the Illinois Trucking Association, who took this program under their wing a year after we held our first annual training. Through our efforts and guidance, other trucking companies have successfully trained students is program as well.  We are proud to have led the charge in getting this program off the ground in our area and look forward to helping our community in this way for years to come.