Over 100 New Trailers Added to the McLeod Fleet!!


The Maintenance Department at McLeod is excited to announce numerous additions to the fleet this year, including more than a hundred new trailers. Given the duration and extent of the current boom in the transportation industry, we want to make sure that McLeod drivers continue to have access to reliable and well-maintained equipment.

So far in 2021, the new additions include all of the following:

100 New Wabash Van Trailers

10 New Wilson Hoppers

3 New Fontaine Flatbeds

The trailers have already been acquired, and many are currently on the road, helping to minimize downtime for our busy drivers. Over the course of the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2021, McLeod is also expecting to add 70 new Freightliner trucks! By the time the new tractors are in service, the average age of the truck fleet will be under 3 years.

The Maintenance Department is proud to support the hard work of drivers across the McLeod fleet. When drivers do their part by thoroughly inspecting equipment and reporting issues, we are better able to schedule priority repairs and address problems in the early stages. Using brand new and well-maintained equipment is one of the simple pleasures of working with a successful team like McLeod.