Meet the McLeod Recruiting Team!


If you haven’t had the pleasure of speaking with a McLeod Express Recruiter yet, you’re in for a truly enjoyable experience.  We love what we do! If you haven’t found the job you love, give us a call today and see why our employees call McLeod Express home.



“The best part of working at McLeod as a Driver Recruiter is building the relationship with my drivers. It carries over long after they join the McLeod team.  I speak with most of my drivers every couple of months, to check in or to help  answer questions. Ensuring drivers have the information they need to do their job is a team effort.”  – Kristy




“I love recruiting for McLeod Express because of the relationships that get built with each driver I work with. Every day is different and exciting! I love  helping each driver meet their needs… it’s exciting to be a part of bringing someone onto the McLeod team knowing we are an honest company and have a  culture where they can thrive.” – Andrea





“I’ve been at McLeod Express for over five years, as both a Recruiter and as a Driver Manager. I understand and respect the work our drivers do, and I enjoy helping  our new drivers  make the best decisions about their career here at  McLeod Express, by giving them honest and accurate information.” – Randy