McLeod Express Driver of the Year


2019 Drivers Of The Year

Pictured from left to right:  Ron Jackson, OTR Fleet, Randall Richardson, Decatur City Fleet, Steve Krenzer, OTR Fleet.  Our 2019 Drivers Of The Year were our honorary guest at our annual luncheon, held March 10th at the Decatur Illinois terminal where they were honored for their outstanding service to our Customers and McLeod Express.  Please join us in thanking and congratulating these drivers on their accomplishments!

We depend on the safety and professionalism of every driver at McLeod Express, but there are always a few drivers who consistently go the extra mile. In a company as high achieving as McLeod, the drivers who manage to set themselves apart deserve extra recognition. After collecting nominations from each category, we have a select team of management staff weigh and compare the safety and performance data of the company’s leading drivers. Difficult judgments are made on the basis of excellent safety records, work ethic, positive attitudes, and dedication to their whole division. Top drivers have proven their ability to deliver freight safely and consistently on time, but they also set the standard for professionalism and respect. It’s not just about how you treat the customers, it’s also about the respect you show to other members of the McLeod Express team.

The Driver of the Year awards at McLeod Express come with a plaque, a monetary payment, a letter to the driver’s family, and special recognition (as a featured guest) at our Driver of the Year luncheon.  Please help us thank and congratulate all three drivers in receiving these awards! If you run into one of these drivers while you’re out and about, let them know how much you appreciate their dedication and take some time to talk with them about how they operate so successfully. As team members at a family-driven company, we owe our thanks to the drivers who do their fair share and then do a little more.

Previous Driver of the Year Recipients: