Playing Chess During Down Times Has Several Benefits


“In my twenties (~27 years ago), I loved to play chess, I read several books on strategy and everything a beginning player should know and study. All of sudden, I quit playing, after kids, I went back to school, and I started a new career. My free time just disappeared. A couple years ago a show came out called The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix which I highly recommend.

After watching the show I caught the bug, so I started to play again. This show actually created a national urge including women since the movie had a strong female lead, to learn chess or start playing again. Chess is a great game for several benefits –  Check Out The Benefits Of Playing Chess HERE! You can play on what I consider to be the best web site  against a computer and other players. I strongly recommend playing against other players you can play random folks or even against other drivers.”

– Keith Zuber, McLeod Express, IT Director