Have You Seen These Movies?


Keith Zuber (McLeod’s IT Guru) shared his top 5 favorite hacker movies.

  1. Imitation Game in my opinion is the greatest true life movie about the greatest unsung hero of all time, Alan Turing. “It is estimated that he saved 21 million lives during WW2 and shortened the war by 2 to 4 years.” He cracked a German code used for communication of all strategic German military functions with what is considered one of the first computers.
  2. Zero Days this is a documentary that breaks down the hack of the Iranian Nuclear facility. This is unbelievable what these folks were able to do in regards to the hacking process. The culprit that caused such destruction may have been a simple USB drive loaded with code specifically designed to cause havoc to a specific nuclear process.
  3. Pirates of the Silicon valley: This is based on the early lives of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. You will discover several behind the scenes facts about the 2 greatest influences in computers.
  4. Snowden: this movie that goes over his Snowden’s early life along with the story about the leak of information.
  5. Catch me if you can: Movie about a con man that writes fake checks, and fools people into believing he is a pilot, doctor, lawyer, and several others. In real life he ends up being a consultant to the banking industry in regards to creating checks due to his expertise in creating fakes.

Check them out for your next movie night or Click HERE to Create Your Own Favorites List!