Dry Van Services

We have 100% of our van fleet is equipped with satellite communications and tracking technology so our customers have the peace of mind knowing the exact location of their cargo from pickup to delivery.

Midwest Regional Van –  We provide high quality service to our customers throughout the Midwest states with emphasis on same day and next day delivery.  For customers with regular shipment frequency,  we provide spot pools to maximize efficiency for the customer and driver.

OTR Van – Beyond the Midwest states,  we provide service next day and two day service throughout the eastern half of the United States on hauls that typically range from 400-900 miles. 

Extended Van – McLeod offers three to five  day over the road service to all points in the western United States from the east.   


Dedicated Fleet

The highest level of service is  dedicated fleet service where we assign specific equipment, drivers and operations support staff to manage our customers business.   This serves as a virtual private fleet for our customers without all the costs and risk associated with operating equipment fleets.  Our Dedicated fleets operate with dry van, bulk/dump. hopper and flatbed equipment in order to meet the varied demands that our customers have.

Bulk – Our bulk fleet utilizes frameless dumps and hoppers to meet the needs of commercial, construction and agricultural shippers across a variety of shipment types ranging from coal/ash to stone/gravel and grains.  

Intermodal Dray – Serving rail yard facilities throughout the Midwest,  if you have intermodal containers and chassis to move,  we can provide the power and rail connections to move your cargo.

Hostling/Local –  We provide local yard management and warehousing dray services utilizing both lightweight day cab and spotter equipment as needed on a 7 day/24 hour basis.  



With 100,000 square feet of food grade storage capacity at our  Decatur warehouse,  we can help meet the storage and distribution needs within the Midwest area by providing safe, secure storage as well as full monitoring including shipment management and transportation service.