2016 Motor Carrier of the Year for the state of Illinois!


Safety – Our first priority at McLeod is to conduct operations in such a way as to insure the safety of our employees and the general public.  Our commitment to safety starts day one at McLeod and is reinforced continuously.  From our daily management and guidance to employees to the way we maintain equipment and conduct our operations.  Safety is our most important objective every day.


Service – Our customers are our reason to exist as a company.  We understand that our value to them is to move their goods safely and reliably at reasonable cost.  We will strive to meet their expectations by consistently delivering on our commitments.  Only thru providing consistent service can we expect to earn the right to grow with our customers.


Success – We define success as consistently meeting our customers’ needs in a safe and efficient manner.  By delivering on our Safety and Service goals, we believe that McLeod Express will prosper and become the carrier and employer of choice thus insuring our long term success.